World Cup Ready…Cute and Sporty

World Cup Outfit preview

So I am not sure about you, but I am been following the World Cup religiously!!  It has been hard to accept that the USA is no longer playing but I am also  diehard GERMANY fan!!  Sooooo here we are today for the final people!!  GO GERMANY!!  I have some family rooting for Argentina today (my little … [Continue reading]

How to Keep Your Pets Safe on the 4th of July!!


So Josh and I are usually traveling for the 4th of July because well it's a 3-day weekend and great to head home to the Catskills and spend time with our family. We used to travel with our cats over holidays but they just hate the car so we have been leaving them home (with our trusted cat-sitter … [Continue reading]

10 Simple Choices to get Healthy and Slim Down…

Healthy foods replacement chart - preview

Summer is here people!!  And if you are anything like me, maybe you took a few too many days off from the gym and indulged a little (or lot) too much … [Continue reading]

Nine to Fine Dress in Feathers…

Feather Dress preview

Hello Gorgeous!!  I know it has been forever since I have last written to you, but I promise to never let it go this long again (or at least I hope … [Continue reading]

Keep Calm…it’s FRIDAY!!


Hello Loves!!!  Soooo unbelievably sorry for my radio silence lately, but I have been über busy and away a lot.  BUTTTT....I have sooo many exciting … [Continue reading]

D.I.Y. Lemon Sugar Scrub

Lemon Sugar Scrub preview

I previously made these for Mother's Day (which can be seen here), and they were such a hit, I am bringing them back for Christmas.  When I made these … [Continue reading]

D.I.Y. Handprint Christmas Ornaments

Handprint christmas ornament preview

For Mother's Day I had posted a fabulous recipe to make a "Mommy and Me" Mother's Day plaque (can be seen here).  It was such a hit, that I decided to … [Continue reading]