Friday’s Fab Five!!!

OMG, with all this warm weather I am craving ice cream like you wouldn’t believe!!  I know you can buy ice cream at your local super market, but there is just something about getting it at an ice cream shop that just makes it all that much more delicious!!  Maybe it is my inner ice cream scoop girl talking (yes, I worked in a small ice cream shop growing up…lol).

Here are my Fab Five Ice Cream Cravings:

1.  Soft Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles…a classic that has been on the top of my favorite’s list since childhood.

2.  Pinkberry!!  aka the best Frozen Yogurt!!  My favorite flavors are original and watermelon, but I cannot wait to try the peach and blood orange!!  (My fav toppings are strawberries and mochi).  To find a Pinkberry near you, click here.

3.  Speaking of Mochi…MOCHI ICE CREAM!!  My favorite flavor is strawberry…oh yummy!!  (Check your local Japanese restaurant for these).


4.  Italian Ice…RAINBOW!!  Why pick a flavor, when you can have 3 :).  Uncle Louie G has the best ices!!  To find one near you, click here.

5.  Ice Cream Cupcakes…from COLDSTONE!!  (Okay and cupcakes did make my fab five again, oh boy!!).  My favorite flavor is the Cake Batter Delux.  To find a location near you, click here.

I hope this keeps you cooler and sweeter on these warm days!!


<3 Luv and I Do xxoo


  1. i love pinkberry with the mochi topping and mochi ice cream of course! i’m going to have to try the coldstone cupcakes…they look yummy! 🙂

    • I know…pinkberry is amazing!! You should def try the cupcakes they are soooo good!! A little messy/tricky to eat so just dive in and prepare yourself for a napkin lol 🙂

  2. Dang it! Now I’m craving ice cream! LOL!!

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