Dos Caminos…

My husband and I LOVE Mexican food!!!  We love cooking it, we love eating it, and we love ordering it!!  We just pretty much LOVE it!!

Unfortunately our über trendy fav Mexican placed closed and we have been dying to find a replacement.  It is sad when a place in NYC closes and even sadder when one of those places is on your date night fav’s list.  Well, none the less it closed.  It was called Zarela’s and will forever be missed.

This past weekend while we were out and about we decided to check out Dos Caminos.  It has a few locations in NYC (Atlantic City and Fort Lauderdale as well) and we were in the SoHo area.  We have very high standards for our Mexican, and with a little tweak (just more lime to the guacamole) this place could be AMAZING!!

First of all, the atmosphere is fabulous!!  They have an amazing outdoor space and the inside lighting just makes you feel sexy (do not ask me how lol, but it does!!).

For drinks we ordered:

  • Josh:  Traditional Margarita, no salt, on the rocks…
  • Kerry (me):  Blood Orange Margarita, frozen, with salt……………….YUM!!!!

For eating:

  • Fresh Guacamole with a trio of salsas and tortilla chips
  • Queso Fundido – mexican three cheese fondue served with warm flour tortillas (you can add chile rajas and mexican chorizo…we added both)
  • Tacos – served on warm tortillas with mexican rice, refried beans and salso…we got pollo (chicken).

The drinks were superb!!  I am craving a blood orange margarita just typing this post!!  The guacamole is where we were a little unhappy, BUT it is because we make our own and love lime.  So next time, ask for a little extra lime and then amazing!!  The QUESO FUNDIDO was the one thing we always always always ordered at our old place.  And it is soooooooooooooo terribly bad for you but sooooooooooooooooo delicious (just do not eat it all the time).  We have been searching everywhere for a place with good queso fundido AND Dos Caminos is BETTER than the one we were so in love with.  Definitely try the queso fundido!!  And the tacos were delicious!!  (Sorry tacos, it is just hard to compliment anything after the fundido!!).

Here are a few photos of our delicious encounter:




 Unfortunately for us, after all those fab drinks and delicious food we had no room left for dessert!!  I blame it on too many tortilla chips with the guacamole!!  But next time!!  And yes, with those margaritas, that queso fundido and the awesome environment, I can assure you….we will be going back!!

The check out the Dos Caminos website, click here.

To view them on yelp (SoHo location), click here.

To view the menu, click here.

For their locations, click here.

This place is definitely worth checking out!!  So drop a pin and get your tequila on 🙂 !!!

I hope you are surviving monday!!

<3 Luv and I Do xxoo


  1. Oh I would like to go there and eat the same things you took (sounds delicious) including the missing dessert !!!

  2. OMG the queso fundido there is like CRACK!!! I love it!

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