Friday’s Fab Five…

OMG it is Friday….can you say YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!  I CAN!!

So who does any online shopping??  I know I do!!  And just getting new packages delivered right to my door is one of the best feelings ever…lol.  Here are 5 purchases I have made this week that have me just thrilled!!!

1.  My new Kitchenaid Cover in PINK!!!  And supporting breast cancer…LOVELY BONUS.  You can purchase yours here.  Say goodbye to collecting dust and hello shine :).  But seriously soooo amazing that now I do not have to wash the already clean bowl just to mix to get rid of dust.  Time saver :).

2.  My new IPad2 case!!  As previously mentioned here, click here for link to purchase.  Love this case!!  I love that it resembles a book and provides great protection (and I know this because I already dropped it…twice!!!  and we all survived…yayy!!)

3.  My new Kate Spade business card holder!!  As previously mentioned here, click here for links to purchase.  As you can see, I decided to go with the PINK!!  Love it :).

4.  My new Kate Spade Make-up bags!!!  Previously mentioned here, click here for link to purchase.  I have been drooling over these bags FOREVER, and when I happily received a 25% off coupon I jumped to purchase these!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!

5.  NEW BOOKS!!!!!  This section has two parts…yayyy for extra stuff.  First, THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY!!  I have them in paperback, but have been dying for my hardcover set to arrive and it finally has (after months of waiting!!)!  To purchase, click here.

5.  MORE NEW BOOKS!!  I have been dying to read Fifty Shades of Grey ever since I heard of its existence.  And of course I pre-ordered 2 & 3 to complete the trilogy.  Well, all three have finally arrived and I cannot wait to dive into these naughty books….and yes supposedly very up there on the naughty scale so ladies be forewarned!!  To purchase, click here.

And did I mention YAYY THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!  I hope everyone has a lovely and fabulous weekend.  Have you made any purchases recently that you are just thrilled about??!!  Please share!!


<3 Luv and I Do xxoo

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